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Emcyt Description

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer that has spread or progressed, your doctor or oncologist may prescribe Emcyt. This is an oral chemotherapy drug that contains a combination of nornitrogen mustard and estradiol phosphate (Estramustine Sodium Phosphate). The idea of this formulation was that it would target cancer cells with estrogen receptors on their surface but it was also found to act on estrogen receptor-negative, too.

How Emcyt Reduces the Amount of Cancer Cells

Emcyt is referred to as a cell cycle specific chemotherapy drug that targets the cancer cells while they are in their dividing stage, known as mitosis. Emcyt does this by acting on the microtubule structures in the cancer cells, a part of the equipment required for cells to be able to divide. If the cancer cells are unable to divide and make new cells, their numbers decline.

There is no cure for prostate cancer that has metastasized or progressed, but due to the fact that prostate cancer is frequently a slow moving disease, many men that are diagnosed with it will usually pass away from a totally different cause.

Following the Progress of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is not usually detected through a digital rectal exam or imaging testing during the first stage and there are no symptoms to alert you that there is something wrong. It is important to undergo annual exams as detection and monitoring of your prostate gland is essential so it does not reach the incurable stage.

Stage 2 is now big enough to be felt when given a digital exam and there is no evidence that it has spread anywhere outside the prostate gland. Your doctor may choose a ‘watch and see’ approach until your next exam.

Stage 3 may have spread to your nearby seminal vesicles but has not moved to other organs and can still be quite curable. You may be experiencing an interrupted or weak urine flow, pain or burning when urinating, blood in your urine or semen, and possible impotency.

During stage 4, other organs are involved and treatments are only recommended for slowing the cancer down as there is no cure for this stage. However, Emcyt can reduce your symptoms and you can carry on for some years and still be a functioning and able-bodied person that enjoys his time doing what makes him happy.

Before You Start Taking Emcyt

Tell your doctor about other health conditions and allergies you have and all OTC and Rx medications you are taking, including homeopathic preparations and dietary or vitamin supplements. This will help your oncologist or doctor determine if Emcyt is the right drug for you.

Important Information About Emcyt

If you are diabetic, check your blood glucose often as Emcyt may affect your glucose levels and your insulin may have to be adjusted by your doctor. If you are due to have liver function tests, bilirubin, or testosterone blood levels checked, inform the lab personnel that you are taking Emcyt.

Possible Side Effects of Emcyt

  • Diarrhea
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Stomach ache

Drugs Similar to Emcyt

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