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BRAND LISTING - Emtrix (Propylene Glycol/Urea/Lactic Acid)
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Emtrix (Propylene Glycol/Urea/Lactic Acid)

Certain health conditions can lead to deformed, discolored nails. This can be treated with Emtrix, an over-the-counter remedy that contains Propylene Glycol/Urea/Lactic Acid.

When applied to your nails, Emtrix smooths the outer layers of your nails and binds moisture into them. Maintaining nail hydration is important in order to prevent breaking, flaking, and nail discoloration. Emtrix will also prevent fungal and bacterial growth by strengthening your nails and changing their microenvironment, so bacteria and fungus are less likely to thrive. Emtrix causes a keratolytic effect, which is similar to a chemical peeling. This will soften and loosen the damaged part of your nails, so they look healthier.

It is unlikely that you will experience serious side effects with Emtrix. You may experience mild irritation of the skin surrounding your nails, but this side effect should go away on its own. Some nail discoloration may also be experienced. Emtrix may cause the affected parts of your nails to detach from the nail bed, but this is to be expected.

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