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Buy Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser or Generic Lactic Acid/Salicylic Acid Online

A prescription is required for this item.
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Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser Description

As a responsible pet owner, you probably check your dog and/or cat to see if they have fleas, nails that need trimming, or they may need a bath because they have been busy outside or they do not smell great. Hopefully you also check their ears often for debris that can cause inflammation inside their ears and on the ear flaps. Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser is available from your veterinarian with an Rx, and as long as you are comfortable cleaning your dog or cat’s ear, it can save you a chunk of change by doing this routinely at home.

Reduce the Risk of Sore Ears for Your Dog and/or Cat

Your vet or your groomer can demonstrate how to safely and thoroughly clean the ears of your pets so you can instill Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser or generic Lactic Acid/Salicylic Acid as directed and as often as recommended by your veterinarian. The ingredients of this product include an antiseptic, an emollient, and a drying agent so the ear canal is not left wet. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

If your pet’s ear is red and inflamed, try to be easy so as not to cause pain but be thorough to clean out wax and debris that can be home to bacterial and fungal inhabitants. If inflammation persists, see your vet for an exam. You do not have to wait until you notice signs of irritation in your pet’s ear, but make it a routine cleaning once or twice a month with a nice treat for good behavior from your pet afterward. Puppies and kittens also benefit from treatment with Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser.

Conditions Treated by Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser

The most common ear disease in both dogs and cats, but more prevalent in dogs, is otitis externa. Risk factors for otitis externa include parasites, food/environmental allergies, and particular cat or dog breeds that have a lot of skin folds, long/floppy ears, or hairy ears. Also dogs that love being in the water can develop otitis externa from the water staying in their ears. Watch for head-shaking, scratching, whining when the ear is touched or rubbed, and a bad odor which can indicate an exam by your vet as a regular cleaning will not treat an infection deeper in the ear.

Before Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser is Prescribed

Discuss other medical conditions or allergies your pet has and list all Rx drugs you currently administer to your pet, including OTC products and herbal or vitamin supplements. This will help your vet determine if Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser is the right product for your dog or cat. Tell your vet whether your pet is pregnant, may be bred, or is nursing a litter before using Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser to be certain it will be safe to use.

Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser Precautions

If a suspected ear infection is preventing you from being able to clean your pet’s ears without a fight and a lot of stress, see your veterinarian for treatment. Cleaning the ears is not necessary if there is no debris or irritation present. Never push anything into your pets ear to soak up excess Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser and do not use cotton swabs to reach deep inside the ear as this can damage the eardrum; your pet will automatically shake their head and expel the excess liquid.

Possible Side Effects of Epi-Otic Dog and Cat Ear Cleanser

  • Redness
  • Scratching
  • Head shaking

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