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BRAND LISTING - Episil oral liquid spray (Glycerol dioleate, phosphatidylcholine (soy lecithin), ethanol, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80, peppermint oil)
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Treatment for Mouth Sores Caused by Chemo or Radiation

For relief of pain from oral lesions, sores, and other inflammatory conditions that your mouth may endure, ask your doctor about Episil Oral Liquid Spray. This is a preservative-free spray you can use to relieve mouth pain so you can talk, eat, and rest comfortably. Episil is most often recommended to cancer patients undergoing high-dose chemo or radiation treatments that involve the head and/or neck region that can result in oral mucositis.

How Episil Oral Liquid Spray Reduces Mouth Pain

Episil Oral Liquid Spray contains a patented combination of Glycerol Dioleate, Phosphatidylcholine, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, and peppermint Oil. Some of the active ingredients in Episil Oral Liquid Spray are not water-soluble so they work to form a protective film in your mouth when it comes into contact with your saliva. This film will significantly reduce oral pain within 5 minutes and can continue working for up to 8 hours.

Effects of Cancer Treatment

Oral mucositis is a debilitating complication of cancer treatment as chemo or radiation targets rapidly growing cells which in this case involves the epithelial cells that line the gastrointestinal tract that starts at the mouth. This can result in patients experiencing pain when they attempt to talk, eat, or chew and they are unable to get the rest they need before the next round of treatment begins.

Before Using Episil Oral Liquid Spray

Unlike some other oral sprays and liquids recommended for pain, Episil Oral Liquid Spray does not work as a topical anesthetic to numb the affected area, it protects and seals the sores and lesions so you are still able to talk and eat without the worry of biting your tongue, lips, or cheeks because you can’t feel inside your mouth. The lesions are also less likely to become infected as the sealant keeps bacteria out.

Possible Side Effects of Episil Oral Liquid Spray

There are no known side effects with the use of Episil Oral Liquid Spray, but if you experience anything unusual or different while using it, contact your doctor for further instructions.

Drugs Similar to Episil Oral Liquid Spray

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