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A Safe Dewormer for Your Horses

Equimax Oral Paste for Horses is an FDA-approved medication that combines two macrocyclic lactone drugs to effectively kill major internal parasites. Regular deworming with Equimax Oral Paste for Horses or generic Ivermectin/Praziquantel is safe for older horses, foals as young as four weeks of age, breeding stallions, and pregnant and lactating mares. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

The pre-filled, single dose syringe can deworm up to 1,320 lbs. of body weight and can eliminate tapeworms, small/large strongyles, pinworms, hairworms, lungworms, bots, and more. This will reduce their risk of weight loss, colic, dull coat, hoof problems, not to mention the internal damage that can occur from having a system full of worms.

Equimax Oral Paste for Horses Mechanism of Action

When administered orally as directed, Ivermectin/Praziquantel is ingested and will work to reach the bloodstream to be distributed throughout your horse’s digestive system, lungs, muscles, kidneys, and almost everywhere a parasite might be. Acting as an agonist of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in nerve cells and binding to glutamate-gated chloride channels of invertebrates’ nerve and muscle cells, these actions result in the parasites starving or becoming paralyzed and expelled in the feces from the treated horse. The parasites’ egg laying abilities may also be affected by Equimax Oral Paste for Horses.

Talk to Your Veterinarian About Equimax Oral Paste for Horses

You will need a prescription for Equimax Oral Paste for Horses from your veterinarian as well as a good idea on the weight of the horses you will be treating to be sure they are receiving a full dose of Ivermectin/Praziquantel. Do not use Equimax Oral Paste for Horses if the horses are intended to be sold for meat.

This is not a final or permanent deworm treatment as Equimax Oral Paste for Horses will not prevent a repeat infection. Your vet may help you with a deworm plan that suits the grazing habits of the horses, which is part of how they can become infected with parasites. Pasture management is important in order to keep parasite problems from growing out of control. Every mouthful of grass could contain worm larvae. Horses pass the eggs into the field through its dung. The cycle goes on as the eggs hatch into larvae and they head for higher grass where they are ingested as horses eat the tall grass.

Possible Side Effects of Equimax Oral Paste for Horses

  • Swelling
  • Itching

This may occur after treatment as a result of large numbers of neck threadworm dying. Call your veterinarian as symptomatic treatment may be recommended.

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