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Eurax Cream Description

Eurax Cream is a prescription strength topical medicine to treat scabies, a very itchy and very contagious skin condition that is transmitted through direct physical contact. Scabies can easily be passed on to your family members, friends, and sexual partners. Diagnosis by your doctor can be done by visual inspection, taking a skin scraping and examining it under a microscope for mites or their eggs, or possibly by finding a mite on your skin using a strong adhesive tape. With a positive scabies diagnosis, Eurax Cream will be applied as directed by your doctor to the skin areas from your neck to the soles of your feet, including skin folds and in between fingers and toes and under your nails.

How Eurax Cream Works

Crotamiton, the active ingredient in Eurax Cream, is absorbed into your skin cells where it will help as an antipruritic to calm the itch and targets the parasite’s nervous system in order to kill the mites and their eggs. Do not reapply after 24 hours unless your doctor has recommended a second treatment. The itching can continue for several weeks post-treatment with Eurax Cream, but this does not indicate you are still infected. Your body could still be reacting to the mites and their feces that will irritate your skin. You will also have to wash/dry clothing, bedding, towels, and other items that you have been in direct contact with for a while or the Eurax Cream treatment will be futile.

Conditions Treated by Eurax Cream

The itch mite called Sarcoptes scabiei is an eight-legged parasite that can burrow into your skin and hide out or lay eggs. The itching caused by the mites is because they and their eggs and feces are considered intruders so your immune system signals certain chemicals, such as histamine. As you itch, you scratch, and the small bumps and blisters can become broken and sore. You may also be susceptible to a bacterial or fungal infection unless you tend to the itchy rash as soon as possible. Your doctor may advise taking an antihistamine to help decrease the itching as well. Eurax Cream is also used for other itchy rashes from insect bites, stings, and poison ivy.

Before Eurax Cream is Prescribed

Have your doctor explain any risks associated with Eurax Cream if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies you have and list any OTC or Rx drugs you take, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements so your doctor can determine if Eurax Cream is safe for you.

Precautions for Eurax Cream

Do not apply Eurax Cream on anyone younger than eighteen years of age without talking to your doctor first. Do not get Eurax Cream in your eyes or mouth and immediately rinse out with water if this occurs. If after 2-4 weeks you have not shown any improvement, see your doctor. Nicknamed the 7-year itch, even though the mites and their eggs have been killed, the itch can last longer. Your doctor can examine you for any lingering mites after treatment.

Possible Side Effects of Eurax Cream

  • Skin irritation
  • New rash
  • Mild itching

Drugs Similar to Eurax Cream

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