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Fixodent Extra Hold Powder

Need a little extra confidence to avoid embarrassing loose dentures or partials slipping or making noise as you eat or talk? Trust Fixodent Extra Hold Powder to provide all day hold and comfort as it seals tight to keep food particles out while keeping the plate where it needs to be. Ill fitting dentures can allow bits of food to sneak in and under your plate where it irritates and can cause bad breath. Eat, drink, laugh, and talk with confidence when you use Fixodent Extra Hold Powder just once a day.

Remember to remove your dentures or partial at bedtime to give your gums a rest. Soaking dentures in solutions designed especially for false teeth overnight will help keep your dentures clean, then brush them before putting them back in, and only use a brush designed for dentures or you could cause scratches that attract bacteria and plaque.

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