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Fixodent Original Denture Cream

Wearing dentures or a partial will begin to feel a little loose after a number of years, but not because the teeth are changing. Your mouth, like the rest of your body, goes through changes as you age. Your jaw bone and gums begin to shrink over time which is associated with tooth loss. Fixodent Original Denture Cream can help keep a tight seal to hold the dentures or partial in place and can keep food particles from finding their way inside the dental devices which can cause irritation and possible sores.

You need to practice proper oral hygiene as a denture wearer as you would for your own teeth and Fixodent Original Denture Cream will help them stay in place to keep a confident and natural appearance when you talk, laugh, smile, and eat or drink. If you have just had teeth extracted, wait for at least 7-10 days for the area to heal before using any Fixodent Denture Cream.

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