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Flarex Eye Drops Description

Flarex Eye Drops is a sterile ophthalmic suspension for treating inflammatory eye conditions. Your doctor may prescribe Flarex Eye Drops to treat corneal infections, inflammation of your iris, and scratches or minor wounds from injury. The active ingredient of Flarex Eye Drops is Fluorometholone, a corticosteroid that reduces symptoms of redness, itching, and inflammation caused by corneal infection or ulcer, allergic conjunctivitis, post-op inflammation from surgery, and more.

Corticosteroids Reduce Symptoms of Pain and Inflammation

Steroids such as Fluorometholone contained in Flarex Eye Drops, are instilled into your conjunctival sac where it is absorbed systemically from the aqueous humor. This means that the medication is being taken in at the injury or surgical site where it is needed the most to maximize the concentration of the drug in order to inhibit the production of inflammatory chemicals. Fluorometholone is prescribed most often after refractive eye surgery to make certain that you do not experience unpleasant post-op symptoms.

Conditions Treated by Flarex Eye Drops

Many individuals are hoping to have their vision restored by undergoing ophthalmic surgery using either LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) or PRK (photo refractive keratectomy). Any type of surgery or eye treatment can cause pain, discomfort, and inflammation but it is important to treat the symptoms quickly so you are less liable to rub or irritate the area and cause a larger problem than simply healing.

Flarex Eye Drops will interfere with your inflammatory response and provide relief from the redness, swelling, and itchy eyes that follow LASIK or PRK. Your ophthalmic specialist will recommend that you administer the Flarex Eye Drops as directed for 5-7 days following surgery. Steroids can create their own symptoms if used longer than recommended.

Before You Administer Flarex Eye Drops

It is not known if using Flarex Eye Drops can harm an unborn or nursing baby so tell your doctor if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. Discuss your medical history and list all current OTC and Rx drugs you are taking, including herbal preparations and dietary and vitamin supplements. Any of these medications may change how Flarex Eye Drops work for you or interact negatively when taken together.

Proper Use of Flarex Eye Drops

If you wear contact lenses, they should be removed when Flarex Eye Drops are instilled and then you should wait for a time specified by your doctor before putting them back in. You should not drive or operate machinery until your vision has cleared after using Flarex Eye Drops.

Possible Side Effects of Flarex Eye Drops

  • Burning or stinging when first administered
  • Itchiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Tearing

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