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BRAND LISTING - Fucidin Ointment (Sodium Fusidate)
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Fucidin Ointment Description

Fucidin Ointment is prescribed to treat skin infections, especially those caused by Staphylococcus bacteria. This can occur as a result of broken skin from eczema, primary and secondary impetigo, folliculitis, and other scrapes or scratches that have allowed bacteria to enter the skin. The active ingredient of Fucidin Ointment is Sodium Fusidate or Fusidic acid. Depending on where the infection is and the severity of it, your doctor may recommend using a second topical or oral medicine along with Fucidin Ointment which will also decrease the risk of the bacteria becoming drug resistant.

Treat a Variety of Skin Infections with Fucidin Ointment

When applied topically as directed, Fucidin Ointment works as a bacterial protein synthesis inhibitor. This means that Fucidin Ointment interferes with the process needed by the bacteria in order to be able to create the next generation of bacteria. They cannot grow or multiply, so they simply die off and your immune system will help this along. Fucidin Ointment will not kill the bacteria; it is a bacteriostatic drug that disables an important step for the bacteria to be able to flourish.

Conditions Treated by Fucidin Ointment

It’s important to recognize and treat impetigo as soon as possible because it is contagious and a common infection among children. Due to the lack of hand-washing and the habit of putting their fingers in and near their mouths, this type of infection is commonly seen around children’s mouths, chin, forearms, and cheek areas and is usually caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria.

Once exposed to the bacteria, it takes four to ten days before you will notice a small patch of inflamed skin. This will turn into an itchy patch that develops a blister with a yellowish substance inside. New blisters will appear around the same area or could show up on other parts of the skin. Follow directions for applying Fucidin Ointment in order to attain optimal results.

Before You Use Fucidin Ointment

Wash the area with a clean, warm cloth and pat dry before applying Fucidin Ointment. Do not reuse the cloth without washing it properly or the bacteria will spread to others that use it. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding before applying Fucidin Ointment to be certain it is safe for your unborn or nursing baby. Discuss your current medical state and provide a list of any OTC and Rx drugs you are taking, including herbal or vitamin supplements to make sure that using Fucidin Ointment will not cause unintended side effects.

Proper Use of Fucidin Ointment

Use a latex glove or thoroughly wash your hands before and after you apply Fucidin Ointment, unless you are treating your hands/fingers. Never squeeze the tube directly onto the affected area as the tube itself can become contaminated. If there has been no improvement after the time recommended for treatment or the infection has spread, see your doctor right away as a different drug may be added to take with, or instead of, Fucidin Ointment.

Possible Side Effects of Fucidin Ointment

  • Itching
  • Rash at the application area
  • Burning or stinging upon application

Drugs Similar to Fucidin Ointment

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