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What is Galliprant?

Galliprant (also known by its generic name grapiprant) is a unique non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for use in dogs.

Many anti-inflammatory and pain medications that are used to treat osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms in humans are toxic to dogs, so Galliprant for dogs is a welcome addition to veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Galliprant for dogs belongs to a new class of medications – known as prostaglandin receptor antagonists (PRAs) – that take advantage of the most up-to-date research on the causes of OA symptoms. Galliprant for dogs targets the specific biochemical receptors that are responsible for the painful joint redness and swelling that occurs in OA, thereby treating the symptoms at their cause.

Besides its pain-reducing anti-inflammatory effects, Galliprant for dogs also works by desensitizing the brain and nerves to pain, thereby adding a novel mechanism, pain relief, that is not seen in traditional NSAID medications. Because of this, Galliprant for dogs has proven to be effective for treating chronic as well as acute pain symptoms.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Galliprant for dogs is that, unlike other NSAIDs, Galliprant side effects do not include potential damage to the kidneys or digestive tract, and Galliprant does not interfere with the blood’s ability to clot.

You can buy Galliprant online at a reasonable price with a prescription from your veterinarian.

Conditions in Dogs Treated by Galliprant?

Galliprant is used to treat the pain and inflammation associated with OA in dogs. Like humans, dogs develop a wear-and-tear degeneration in their joints as they age. This degeneration of the joints is known as OA, and it causes significant pain and inflammation, limiting the dogs’ activity levels and quality of life.

Your dog may be suffering every day from pain from OA without you even being aware. Some indications that your dog may have OA include:

  • Weight gain in the past year
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Hesitating before jumping into the car
  • Slow, stiff, or shaky when getting up from a laying position
  • Limping after play or exercise
  • Lagging behind during walks
  • Reduced interest in play
  • Lying down more often
  • Licking joints
  • Soreness when touched
  • Previous joint injury or surgery

Although there is no cure for OA, Galliprant can make a big difference in your dog’s life by providing relief from the pain and inflammation that results from OA.

What are the Side Effects of Galliprant?

Galliprant for dogs has been demonstrated in clinical trials to have a superior safety profile compared to other NSAID medications, due to its unique mechanism of action and more targeted method of pain relief. Nevertheless, as with any medication, Galliprant is associated with potential side effects.

The most common Galliprant side effects are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Fatigue or lethargy

Other less common Galliprant side effects include mouth ulcers, and certain blood problems.

Dog owners should contact their veterinarian if they observe the following Galliprant side effects: reduced appetite or abnormal stools.

What You Should Know Before Using Galliprant.

Galliprant is not for use in pets other than dogs, and is not for use in humans.

The safety of Galliprant has not been established for dogs who are:

  • Under 9 months of age and weigh under 8 lbs.
  • Pregnant, breeding, or lactating
  • Known to have heart disease

Galliprant should not be used in dogs that are allergic to other NSAID medications. Galliprant is a sulfa drug, so dogs with sulfa allergy may experience an allergic reaction if given Galliprant.

Galliprant should not be used simultaneously with other NSAID medications. There are other dog medications that may interact with Galliprant, so make sure your prescriber and your pharmacist are aware of all medications that your dog takes.


What is the proper dosage of Galliprant?

Galliprant for dogs is available in 20mg, 60mg, and 100mg tablets. The 20mg and 60mg tablets are scored so that they can easily be divided in half if needed. The tablets are flavoured and chewable, making them very easy to administer.

The dosage of Galliprant is based on your dog’s weight. Galliprant is given at a dose of 0.9mg per lb. of weight (2mg per Kg of weight). Galliprant includes a convenient dosing chart for easy reference.

Where can I buy Galliprant?

The most convenient and cost-friendly way to obtain Galliprant for your dog is to buy Galliprant online. At we offer a convenient and easy way to fill your prescription for Galliprant, and we deliver your dog’s medication right to your door.

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How long does it take Galliprant to work?

Galliprant for dogs begins to work in minutes, so that it can be used on an as-needed basis. OA pain and inflammation tend to be better on some days and worse on others, so the rapid onset of action of Galliprant makes this medication a good choice for treating OA symptoms.

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