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Histofreezer Wart Treatment Description

Whether it’s a plantar or common wart, skin tag, actinic keratoses, or other skin lesion, they can be unsightly or embarrassing. If you have a skin wart, then you have come into skin-to-skin contact with someone with a wart or shared an infected item somewhere along your travels. Shaking hands is the most common way of passing the virus on and it only takes a small scratch or scrape to allow the virus in where it causes a rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of your skin that forms the wart.

Histofreezer Wart Treatment Harms the Fungal Cells

Histofreezer Wart Treatment involves isobutene/methoxymethane/propane mixture contained in a portable cryosurgical system that is only operated by a healthcare professional to avoid damage to healthy skin and underlying tissues as temperatures can reach -55 degrees Celsius in a matter of seconds.

Once the applicator has been ‘charged’, the canister is inverted for 15 seconds as it reaches the optimal freezing temperature. The frozen cone shaped applicator tip is then applied to the lesion for anywhere from 15 to 40 seconds during which you may feel a stinging or burning sensation. This action freezes the contents of the fungal cells which eventually tear apart.

You may develop a blister that should not be lanced but protected with a bandage or covering. Healing can take 1 to 2 weeks, at which time you will see if there is still some wart visible and a second treatment or more may be required.

Uses for Histofreezer Wart Treatment

Actinic keratosis (AK) is a scaly growth which usually appears on your face, back of your hands, lips, and bald spot as a result of damage to your skin from the UV rays of the sun and is a potential for skin cancer. Undergoing cryotherapy with Histofreezer Wart Treatment to get rid of superficial AKs is an effective course of action to help prevent them progressing into skin cancer. Any lesions that you notice on your skin should be examined and treated, if necessary. Be ‘sun-smart’ and proactive by always wearing an SPF 30 or higher, a hat and long-sleeved top or cover-up if you have to be in the sun.

Before a Histofreezer Wart Treatment

There are no known interactions between OTC or Rx medications and Histofreezer Wart Treatment but you should talk to your doctor if you are using any topical products to reduce the appearance of skin lesions. The use of cryotherapy with Histofreezer Wart Treatment does not guarantee you will not develop skin cancer or the appearance of more genital, plantar, or common warts.

Histofreezer Wart Treatment After Care

If you develop a blister after treatment, do not pop or lance it, but wrap it or apply a band aid to the area. The blister will dry up after a few days and fall off. Due to circulation problems associated with diabetes, your doctor may recommend a different treatment for any growths on your lower legs, ankles, and feet to avoid the risk of infection and poor healing abilities.

Possible Side Effects of Histofreezer Wart Treatment

  • Bleeding
  • Blistering
  • Temporary burning sensation
  • Loss of skin color on treated area

Drugs Similar to Histofreezer Wart Treatment

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