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Buy Hyderm Cream OTC Online

No prescription is required for this item.
No generic alternative is available at this time.
BRAND LISTING - Hyderm Cream OTC (Hydrocortisone Acetate)
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Hyderm Cream OTC

For minor stings, bug bites, rashes, eczema or psoriasis, or other forms of dermatitis, ask your pharmacist about Hyderm Cream OTC (.50%) to help take down the swelling, itching, and inflammation. Hyderm Cream OTC contains Hydrocortisone Acetate, a .50% strength corticosteroid that does not require a prescription.

Even with a lower potency topical corticosteroid, caution should still be taken to apply only as directed and do not apply on young children’s skin without instructions from your doctor or pediatrician to be certain it’s safe to use. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying Hyderm Cream OTC unless it is your hands that require treating.

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