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BRAND LISTING - ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets (Dichlorphen/Lignocaine HCL/Piperonyl Butoxide/Pyrethrins)
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Description of ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets

We all do our best to keep our dogs and cats as healthy as we can, and regular ‘maintenance’ can save you a lot of expense at the vet’s if you know what to look for. ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets contains several active ingredients that will help to treat your pets’ ear infections and provide them with relief from scratching, shaking their head, and crying or whining when their ear is touched. These ingredients include Dichlorophen/Lignocaine HCl/Piperonyl Butoxide/Pyrethrins that are active against bacterial and fungal infections, as well as ear mites in dogs and cats.

How Each Active Ingredient Works for Your Pet

Dichlorophen is an anticestodal, fungicide, germicide, and antimicrobial agent that works to interfere with cell membranes in order to cause their contents to leak out so the fungi, germs, or bacteria cannot reproduce. Piperonyl Butoxide is a synergist, meaning it has no pesticidal activity but is there to enhance the potency of certain pesticides, including Pyrethrins. The Pyrethrins set their sights on the insects’ nervous system and causes repeated nerve firings that result in paralysis and the eventual death of the insect from losing motor coordination. Lignocaine, also known as Lidocaine, will provide a numbing effect to minimize the pain your dog or cat experiences from the infection and inflammation.

Signs to Watch for That Indicate Possible Ear Problems

Outdoor dogs and cats are more susceptible to ear infections than indoor pets as they are exposed to the elements where they can easily pick up fungi, bacteria, and other parasites that are looking for a nice warm place to multiply. Otodectes cynotis (ear mites) can be picked up from close contact with other dogs or cats that have mites. If you check your dog’s ear (or cat) and notice a black glob, it is a mixture of ear wax, dead skin, and mite poop, and possibly digested blood.

As your pets' ear fills up with this debris, you’ll notice head shaking, scratching, an odor, and redness on the skin inside the ear and ear flap (pinna). This can be painful and will need attention to avoid any permanent damage to your pet’s hearing. Talk to your Vet about ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets and learn the proper way to use the drops and how to effectively clean and treat the ears to avoid a painful repeat of an infection or infestation.

Before ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets is Prescribed

Keep a record of your pet’s vaccinations, surgeries, and treatments so it can be determined if ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets is safe for you to use on your cat or dog. Certain breeds may be more susceptible to a reaction from ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets so ask your Vet before using this medication on your other pets without an exam first.

ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets Proper Use

If your pet is used for breeding, treatment should be carried out before breeding is scheduled as an infection could be passed on to the other pet. Keep ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets out of children’s reach. Never try using a cotton-tipped swab to ‘dig out’ your pets ears as you could cause damage to their hearing or push the parasites deeper.

Possible Side Effects of ILIUM Ear Drops for Pets

  • Head shaking
  • Discomfort
  • Itchiness

Watch for, and dispose of, any debris that your pet shakes from their ears as it can carry mites or other parasites that can reinfect your pet or other pets in the household.

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