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Buy Imitrex Prefilled Syringes or Generic Sumatriptan Online

A prescription is required for this item.
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
6mg (0.5mL x 2 prefills)
BRAND LISTING - Imitrex Prefilled Syringes (Sumatriptan)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
6mg (0.5mL x 2 prefills)


Migraines or Cluster Headaches?

As a convenience for some people that experience migraine or cluster headaches, Imitrex Prefilled Syringes may be prescribed for you with instructions from your doctor or other healthcare professional on the proper way to administer the injection. Although Imitrex Prefilled Syringes will not prevent migraines (with or without an aura) or cluster headaches from occurring, you can self-inject at the first sign you are about to have one. This will reduce your symptoms of nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, and sometimes smell or touch. Imitrex Prefilled Syringes can help you get back to your tasks at hand and decrease wage loss, time from school, and be able to enjoy your family and friends.

Fast Pain Relief with Imitrex Prefilled Syringes

Imitrex Prefilled Syringes contain Sumatriptan, a serotonin receptor agonist. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, or brain chemical, that can affect your cardiovascular system and muscles among other functions. When administered as directed, Imitrex Prefilled Syringes delivers the medication under your skin and is absorbed into your bloodstream. As it reaches your brain, it binds to the serotonin receptors located there.

This action results in the blood vessels in your brain narrowing as well as a reduction in the levels of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), one of the strongest vasodilators in your body, so your migraine or cluster headache pain could start to subside within ten minutes of injecting Imitrex Prefilled Syringes or generic Sumatriptan. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Conditions Treated by Imitrex Prefilled Syringes

Cluster headaches are named as such because the attacks can come in clusters over a period of time and then retreat for weeks, months, or even years. Not only can you experience extreme pain but you can also have a drooping eyelid, blocked or runny nose, and have a problem keeping still as the pain is so bad.

The most common type of migraine is one without aura and can occur more often and with more intensity. A migraine with aura will display visual signs announcing its arrival. These may include flashing lights or zigzag lines, blurred vision, seeing spots, or other changes to your vision that alert you to an impending painful headache. By administering Imitrex Prefilled Syringes as soon as you start to experience any of these visual occurrences, the more successful you will be at diffusing the painful symptoms of a migraine.

Before Imitrex Prefilled Syringes are Prescribed

Ask your doctor about any risks involved with using Imitrex Prefilled Syringes if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. To determine if Imitrex Prefilled Syringes are safe for you, explain other medical conditions or allergies to your doctor and list any current OTC or Rx drugs you take, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements.

Imitrex Prefilled Syringes Precautions

Imitrex Prefilled Syringes are not to be administered to anyone under the age of 18 years. Never share your medications with others, even if they are experiencing the same symptoms as you. Until you know how Sumatriptan will affect you, avoid driving, operating machinery, or performing any task that requires you to be alert. Ask your pharmacist for a ‘sharps’ container for the safe disposal of used Imitrex Prefilled Syringes.

Possible Side Effects of Imitrex Prefilled Syringes

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach upset

Drugs Similar to Imitrex Prefilled Syringes

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