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A prescription is required for this item.
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Januvia Description

If you are a type 2 diabetic looking for a way to control your blood sugar levels effectively, talk to your doctor about once-a-day Januvia or generic Sitagliptin Phosphate. When you adopt a healthier lifestyle and take Januvia, your blood sugar is taken care of before meals, after meals, and all day in between. This is because Januvia works more when your blood sugar rises and less when it’s low.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult for type 2 diabetics. However, many people found they do not gain weight while taking Januvia. You should still eat a balanced diet, be more active, quit smoking, and test your blood regularly so your doctor can monitor your progress and be aware of any possible dosage adjustments you may require. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

When taken as directed, Januvia breaks down two gut hormones called incretins. One is glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and the other is glucose-dependent insulin-releasing polypeptide. Januvia is a DPP-4 (dipeptidyl peptidase 4) inhibitor which means that the gut hormones are left alone by the enzyme DPP-4 and insulin secretion is prolonged to better control blood sugar levels. As an extra bonus the GLP-1 hormone slows your gastric emptying so you feel less hungry and it prevents the actions of the hormone called glucagon from raising the concentration of glucose in your bloodstream.

Conditions Treated by Januvia

If you have 2 diabetes your pancreas is still able to produce insulin, but it may not produce as much as your body requires or your tissues may no longer use the insulin properly. Some individuals may not even be aware they have diabetes until symptoms such as fatigue, increased thirst, hunger, and urination, vision changes, and unexplained weight loss make you realize that something is not right.

The two most common causes of type 2 diabetes are obesity and the lack of physical activity. With the selection of electronics available today, too many people are occupying their spare time playing games, chatting, and posting pictures instead of being physically active.

How Much Does Januvia Cost?

You will need a prescription from your doctor before you can buy Januvia. In searching for the lowest Januvia price, you will want to include the generic Sitagliptin Phosphate. While not available everywhere, you can buy generic Januvia online for less at Online pharmacies provide a valuable resource to buy Januvia and other Rx drugs online at affordable prices.

Before You Take Januvia

Ask your doctor if Januvia is safe to take if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies you have with your doctor and list any OTC or Rx medications you take, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements in order to avoid any drug interactions.

Warnings for Januvia

You should not take Januvia if you have type 1 diabetes. Test your blood often during times of stress, illness, surgery or medical emergencies, or when travelling as your blood sugar can be affected. Do not stop any current meds or start any new ones without talking to your doctor first as this can also affect glucose levels.

Possible Side Effects of Januvia

  • Body aches or pains
  • Stuffy or runny
  • Cough

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