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Juven is a drink mix for adults who want to help support muscle growth. Juven lends support to the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue through the use of three amino acids. These amino acids are HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate), L-arginine, and L-glutamine. The ā€œLā€ stands for levo which means the amino acid is naturally occurring and is not synthetic or man-made.

HMB minimizes muscles loss, maintains muscle mass, and supports muscle tissue repair during extended periods of inactivity. L-arginine allows for wound recovery, support of immune function, and release of human growth hormone. L-glutamine is involved in many reactions in the muscles such as muscle maintenance as well as growth.

The human body is an amazing and complex vessel. One of the most important structures in the human body is the musculoskeletal system. It provides support, stability, and movement through the muscular and skeletal systems. If we do not properly take care of our musculoskeletal system, then a condition called muscle atrophy occurs.

Muscle atrophy occurs when the condition of our muscles deteriorate due to lack of movement. Many diseases such as HIV, arthritis, malnutrition, and drug use can cause this. In order to slow muscle atrophy and promote growth, many people take Juven.

Although Juven is an OTC product, you should still ask your Dr. or pharmacist about side effects that may occur with taking Juven. Discuss other medical conditions you may have and any current OTC or Rx medicine you are on, including herbal and vitamin supplements, to be certain that they will not interfere with the ingredients contained in Juven.

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