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Buy K-Lyte 25 meq Orange Tabs Online

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K-Lyte 25 meq Orange Tabs

It is essential that your body has proper potassium levels in order to meet the needs of your body. Your heart muscle needs this mineral and important electrolyte to beat and regulate, nerve and muscle function needs to be regulated, and electrolytes are found in your blood and other body fluids. If potassium levels decrease, your doctor may check for signs of hypokalemia which will need immediate attention and taking K-Lyte 24 mEq Orange Tabs could be a start.

Loss of potassium can be a result of taking fluid or diuretic pills, diarrhea/vomiting, excessive use of alcohol, laxatives, or sweating, chronic kidney disease, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Discuss your medical history with your doctor and you may be advised to include more potassium in your diet which should not be too difficult as it is present in almost all meat/fish, fruit, and vegetables. Even though K-Lyte 25 mEq (milliequivalent) is an over the counter supplement, your physician should be aware of your intentions before taking it.

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