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Keto-Diastix Reagent Strips

For a fast and convenient way for testing urine for the presence and concentration of glucose and ketone in diabetics or someone suspected of having diabetes, use Keto-Diastix Reagent Strips. Once a sample of urine has been collected as instructed, use 1 Keto-Diastix Reagent Strip to dip in the sample, remove strip and allow excess urine to drip off, and time as indicated on the bottle .

The reagent is a substance impregnated into the each strip that is meant to react to specific substances. In this case, the Keto-Diastix Reagent Strip will react to the glucose and ketone by changing color. When the colors on the strip are compared to the chart on the bottle of strips, a doctor can tell if levels of ketone and glucose are normal or too low or high.

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