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Product description written by Dr. Eva Y. Pan, PharmD (June 22, 2021)

What is Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue)?

Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) contains amino acids, which are essential for patients with chronic kidney disease. Patients/caregivers can buy Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) online at a discounted price at

What is Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) used for?

Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) is used to treat chronic kidney disease in combination with a protein-restricted diet. It helps maintain kidney function and can delay the requirement of dialysis. Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) also reduces uraemic symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weight loss, itching, or mental status changes.

What are the side effects of Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue)?

Potential side effects of Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) include:

  • High calcium levels

What should you know before using Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue)?

The typical dose of Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) for the average adult is 4 to 8 tablets three times daily during meals. It is important to have your electrolyte levels monitored while you are taking Ketosteril. Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) can affect how you absorb other drugs, such as some antibiotics. If you are taking other medications, ask your doctor or pharmacist about interactions with the Ketosteril.


  • Where can I buy Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) online?

    Patients/caregivers can buy Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) online at discounted prices at

  • What is the price of Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue)?

    The price of Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) differs based on the package size that you buy. Discounted Ketosteril (Alpha Ketoanalogue) prices can be found at

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