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Kwellada P Crème Rinse Description

The start of a new school year can be a new adventure to the younger kids, an annoyance for the older ones, and a relief for the parents. At least that is the case until they receive the dreaded notice sent home notifying them that there is a lice infestation. Young children seem to be more prone to getting head lice because of their close head to head contact with their playmates. Daycare centers are also a source of concern as lice can spread quickly between the children and caregivers who go home and spread it to the rest of their family.

How This Lice Treatment Works

Kwellada P Crème Rinse is applied after shampooing your hair and left on for the time limit recommended, then rinsed. It’s very important to use the special small tooth comb to remove the nits (eggs). Any adult lice you find will be affected by Permethrin, the active ingredient of Kwellada P Crème Rinse and die quickly. Permethrin works by acting on the louse’s nerve cell membranes interrupting signals going between the brain and the muscles. The louse becomes paralyzed and dies.

A recheck in seven days will tell you if a second treatment is needed. Bedding, clothing, combs, brushes and head bands should all be washed thoroughly before being used or worn. You cannot treat just one family member; the entire household must undergo an effective and safe treatment like Kwellada P Crème Rinse that you can purchase without a prescription.

Conditions Treated by Kwellada P Crème Rinse

No one seems to be able to answer the question ’Where did lice originally come from?’ Were they waiting on a leaf? Did they fall from a tree? If so, they only have 48 hours to find a human head to call home or they will die. Lice are wingless parasites that cannot jump or hop.

Lice will not survive on your dog, cat, guinea pig, or other furry member of your household so no treatment for them is needed. Having lice does not indicate that you are unclean. They do not carry nor transmit diseases; they are mostly annoying. However, the itch their saliva can produce on your scalp can cause scratching and some may be more affected than others. If you break the skin from intense scratching, you could cause a bacterial infection.

Before Applying Kwellada P Crème Rinse

Ask your doctor before applying Kwellada P Crème Rinse whether it is safe to do so if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Discuss other health conditions or allergies you have with your doctor and list any drugs you are taking, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements to be certain Kwellada P Crème Rinse will not cause any negative reactions.

Kwellada P Crème Rinse Precautions

Permethrin is toxic to cats and fish! Do not treat head lice near fish bowls, aquariums or where your cat eats or sleeps. Fur-bearing pets cannot support lice as only human blood can nourish them. Do not treat again before seven days and then only if you have found live adult lice or new nits. Do not keep Kwellada P Crème Rinse in with other toiletries in your bathroom to avoid it being used by mistake.

Possible Side Effects of Kwellada P Crème Rinse

  • Itching
  • Tingling scalp
  • Mild burning or stinging

Drugs Similar to Kwellada P Crème Rinse

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