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Buy Labello Active (now called Nivea Lip Care for Men) Online

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Labello Active

Labello Active, now called Nivea Lip Care-For Men, is a European brand of lip balm designed specifically for men. Like women, men want to protect their lips from dryness and harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, many lip balms on the market are designed to make lips shiny. Some lip balms are even tinted. Most men would rather have a lip balm that takes care of their lips without adding unnecessary shine. Nivea Lip Care for Men is fragrance, color, and shine free. As a bonus, Labello Active contains SPF 6 for protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Chapped lips are a common sight during the cold winter months, but you can protect your lips from this harsh weather when you buy Labello Active and have it on hand. Your lips are naturally protected by oils that form a shield against damaging environmental factors. Wind, cold, and some medication can strip these oils away, leaving your lips vulnerable. Chapped lips result in cracking, peeling, bleeding, and swelling. To protect your lips, try using lip balm. Most, though not all, lip balms contain fragrance, color, or shine. Many men like Labello Active because it does not contain any perfumes or colorants.

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