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Buy Labello Regular Lip Balm (now called Nivea Lip Care Essential) Online

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Labello Regular Lip Balm

Labello Regular Lip Balm, which is now called Nivea Lip Care Essential, is a staple item for anyone wanting to prevent chapped lips. Labello Regular Lip Balm is dermatologist tested and contains shea butter, Hydra IQ, castor seed oil, panthenol and other ingredients to help keep your lips smooth and soft. Labello Regular Lip Balm can be used regularly to prevent lip chapping during harsh weather conditions.

Various factors can cause chapped lips. Your lips are normally protected by a thin layer of oil that acts as a barrier to keep your lips from drying out. If you live somewhere where the weather is cold, dry, or windy, this protective layer of oil can easily get stripped away. Certain medications can also cause chapped lips. Finally, licking your lips will also remove essential oils. Chapped lips can crack, bleed, or peel. To moisturize your lips and prevent chapping, keep Labello Regular Lip Balm on hand and apply it as needed.

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