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Buy Lacri-Lube SOP Lubricant for Eyes Online

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Lacri-Lube SOP Lubricant for Eyes

Are you bothered by dry, irritated eyes from exposure to wind or sun, heating or air conditioning, reading a lot, or from long hours spent on your computer, or maybe other meds you are taking? Lacri-Lube SOP (sterile ophthalmic preparation) Lubricant for Eyes can lubricate to keep your eyes moist and protect them from injury and infection while reducing the itching, burning, or feeling like there is something in your eyes.

Any contact lenses should be removed before applying Lacri-Lube SOP Lubricant for Eyes, then gently pull out lower lid to form a pocket and squeeze about a ¼ inch of the Lacri-Lube into it, close your eyes and slowly roll them around to help spread the contents around. Use a clean tissue to wipe away any excess ointment. Ask your pharmacist how long to wait before you reinsert contacts.

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