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Buy Lactaid Regular Strength Chewable Tablets Online

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Lactaid Regular Strength Chewable Tablets

For those of you that are avoiding dairy products in their diet because of bloating, abdominal cramps, and other gastrointestinal problems, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Lactaid Regular Strength Chewable Tablets. Lactase is the active ingredient and it is the enzyme our bodies naturally produce to break down the main sugar in milk called lactose. This is not a cure for your body’s intolerance, but it can supply you with the enzymes needed to drink or eat dairy products symptom-free.

Lactose is produced in various ways by many different kinds of organisms. For humans, it is made by the cells lining your small intestines and the majority of the population is born with the natural production of it. However, as the years roll on, lactose production slows or stops altogether and you begin displaying symptoms of gas, diarrhea, and bloating. You can buy Lactaid Regular Strength Chewable tablets without a prescription and be able to enjoy dairy products again.

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