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Lipoflavonoid Plus

Lipoflavonoid Plus is a dietary supplement that can improve the health of your inner ear and provide relief from tinnitus. One of the ways in which Lipoflavonoid Plus works is by improving inner ear circulation, but it also enhances the overall health of the ear. Lipoflavonoid Plus reduces your susceptibility to tinnitus and other issues that can lead to ringing in the ear, like Meniere’s

Tinnitus is a surprisingly common condition. Numerous issues can lead to tinnitus, a condition which causes a ringing, snapping or popping sound in the ears. Tinnitus can be especially common in individuals who have worked in very loud environments. When a person has tinnitus they perceive there to be sound in their ears or head; when in actuality, there is no sound.

Lipoflavonoid Plus inhibits the production of histamine in the inner ear. Histamine production is thought to upset the inner ear. Lipoflavonoid Plus promotes circulation in the inner ear, because it stops the buildup of fatty deposits in the small capillaries in the inner ear. When there is optimal circulation in the inner ear, it maintains the flexibility of the tiny hairs in the inner ears so that sound waves are transmitted efficiently. Better inner ear circulation also improves the flow of fluids in the ear canal so that those fluids do not mix.

Lipoflavonoid Plus is a non-prescription product that contains vitamin C, lemon bioflavonoids, and the complex B vitamins group, contained in a base consisting of choline, inositol, and pantothenic acid.

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