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BRAND LISTING - Magnolax Liquid (Magnesium Hydroxide/Mineral Oil)
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Mint (6%/25%)
Vanilla (6%/25%)

Magnolax Liquid

Whether you’ve changed your diet, stressed out, consuming a lot of dairy products, inactive, or do not like using public washrooms so you fight the urge of having a bowel movement, we’ve all experienced constipation. The longer it goes on, the worse for you as you could end up with hemorrhoids, abdominal cramps, or a bloated feeling.

Try Magnolax Liquid with Magnesium Hydroxide/Mineral Oil to gently draw water into your intestines. This will increase the motility of your bowel and make the stool easier to pass and give you relief from constipation. Magnolax Liquid can also provide gentle relief for children over 6 years of age.

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