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Metamucil Capsules

Do you possibly need more fiber in your diet due to frequent constipation but prefer something quicker to take…like a capsule? Metamucil Capsules contain Psyllium, a soluble fiber that can reduce constipation. This dietary supplement can absorb water to become a viscous compound that resists digestion in your small intestine and this will help to regulate high cholesterol, triglycerides, and your glucose levels.

When taken for relieving constipation, Metamucil Capsules will work as a bulk-forming laxative and increases stool size and moisture content as it absorbs water. This make stool easier to move along and pass easily without straining. Some individuals have found they are able to lose weight while taking Metamucil Capsules as it slows down stomach emptying so you feel fuller longer after a meal and your appetite is better controlled.

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