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A prescription is required for this item.
No generic alternative is available at this time.
BRAND LISTING - Microgestin Fe (Norethindrone Acetate/Ethinyl Estradiol/Iron)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
1.5mg/30mcg (3 x 28 day)
1mg/20mcg (3 x 28 day)

Microgestin Fe is a prescription oral contraceptive that combines two hormones in 21 pills and addition 7 pills that only have iron. Microgestin Fe contains a progestin, Norethindrone an estrogen, ethinyl estradiol to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, and iron to help replace the iron lost during your menstrual cycle and reduce the risk of anemia.

The primary job of Microgestin Fe is to stop the maturation and release of eggs from your ovaries. The combination of Norethindrone Acetate/Ethinyl Estradiol also has two back-up ways to avoid getting pregnant. Microgestin Fe changes the fluid of your cervix, making it difficult for sperm to enter your uterus. If sperm does make it past the first two road blocks, the lining of your uterus is made less receptive to an embryo. Microgestin Fe comes as a 21 + 7 pack; the first 21 pills contain the two hormones needed to prevent a pregnancy; the last seven pills contain iron.

The main reason most women request a prescription for birth control is, of course, to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes that decision is made due to medical or health reasons or possibly because a baby is not in their immediate life-plan and wish to wait.

There are other benefits to oral contraceptives. This medication can reduce your risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer by ovulating less. Ovulation may activate cell changes in your ovaries that can lead to cancer. Since you don’t ovulate while taking oral contraceptives, your uterine lining won’t build up as much, relieving menstrual symptoms.

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