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Buy Monistat 7 Combination Pack (7 Day) Online

No prescription is required for this item.
No generic alternative is available at this time.
BRAND LISTING - Monistat 7 Combination Pack (7 Day) (Miconazole)
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Monistat 7 Combination Pack (7 Day)

Monistat 7-Day Treatment Combination Pack contains a lower dose of Miconazole Nitrate so you receive smaller doses that are evenly distributed throughout a week instead of a higher dose for less treatment time. With Monistat 7-Day Combination Pack, you will receive 7 empty disposable applicators to go along with the tube of Rx strength cream and 1 tube of the itch relief cream to apply externally around your vagina to take care of the symptoms on the outside.

Be certain to read all instructions for filling and inserting the applicator and always remember to wash hands thoroughly before and after treating with Monistat 7-Day. If you have not found some relief after treating for 3 days or complete relief in 7 days, see your doctor to be sure this is a yeast infection and not something more serious.

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