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Buy Monistat 7 Day Dual-Pak Online

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BRAND LISTING - Monistat 7 Day Dual-Pak (Miconazole)
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Monistat 7 Day Dual-Pak

Monistat 7 Day Dual-Pak is an over-the-counter product for treating a vaginal yeast infection. It consists of 7 vaginal suppositories with an applicator for easy insertion and an external vaginal cream that can be applied around the vaginal area to take care of the burning, itching, and irritation that a yeast infection can cause. Use Monistat 7 Day Dual-Pak as directed for seven days straight, even if your symptoms start clearing up. If you stop the treatment prematurely, your infection could return.

The active ingredient of Monistat 7 Day Dual-Pak is Miconazole which kills the fungi by preventing it from making ergosterol, a major component the fungi require to ensure the integrity of their cell membrane. Without ergosterol, the cell membrane develops holes that allow the contents to leak out while other substances can seep in and the fungi are not able to survive.

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