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Monolet Original 21G Lancets

Monolet Original 21G Lancets are used for diabetic blood testing and can fit into almost every lancing device on the market. The Monolet Original 21G Lancets are designed to get just the right amount of blood for a test without being excessive due to the tri-bevel point and sterile tip with a controlled depth penetration. They use a minimal sample to do maximum testing so you do not have to encounter much discomfort. The Monolet Original 21G Lancets are still incredibly accurate and the results they provide are consistent.

The installation of Monolet Original 21G Lancets will be determined by the instructions on the lancing device you are using. Simply read the instructions that were provided on the box, and insert the Monolet Original 21G Lancets accordingly. You may want to test your monitor to make sure it is working properly. You can do this with a test strip and control solution. Once you do so, you will need to thoroughly wash your hands before using the lancets to avoid any contamination.

Monolet Original 21G Lancets are sterile and should never be shared with other people. If you want to get the best results possible, you need to change out your Monolet Original 21G Lancets before every use or they may be dull and cause discomfort.

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