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BRAND LISTING - Nicoderm CQ (called Nicoderm Clear in Canada) (Nicotine)
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NicoDerm CQ

NicoDerm CQ (called Nicoderm Clear in Canada) is a clear patch that you place on your skin, where it releases low amounts of nicotine to help control your cravings to smoke. With the SmartControl Technology, NicoDerm CQ slowly delivers a steady flow of therapeutic nicotine through your skin to your bloodstream over a 16-24 hour period. As you “step-down” to less and less nicotine being delivered, your brain adjusts to lower amounts of dopamine being released that is responsible for the “good feelings” you get when you smoke.

NicoDerm CQ is designed to help you reduce your cravings for nicotine and other withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and anxiety; it is not going to cause illness if you slip up and have a cigarette. The important thing is to not give up trying to quit. As you lower your nicotine intake, the number of nicotine receptors in your brain will decrease which will also calm your cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms.

The pleasure response you receive from the brain chemical dopamine makes it difficult to quit so the idea of nicotine replacement therapy or NRT can gradually reduce this response as dopamine levels drop to normal.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about side effects of NicoDerm CQ (Nicotine) and how it may affect other OTC or Rx drugs you are on, including herbal and vitamin supplements. If you have redness or irritation at the patch site, try changing the location every time you apply a new Nicotine patch. Report any negative symptoms to your doctor that worsen or become persistent while using NicoDerm CQ.

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