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BRAND LISTING - Nix Dermal Cream Rinse (Permethrin)
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Nix Dermal Cream Rinse (Permethrin)

An outbreak of head lice can be effectively treated with non-prescription Nix Dermal Cream Rinse.

Head lice are tiny brown insects no bigger than a sesame seed. They thrive on the human scalp, and although they can crawl, lice cannot jump or fly. Nits are the eggs that the lice lay on the hair close to the scalp. These eggs are a greyish-white color and adhere to the hair with a waterproof substance similar to glue. The nits hatch within a week, which is why they must be taken out of the hair in order to stop a lice infestation. Just because you have contracted head lice does not mean you are unclean or have poor hygiene. Anyone can experience a case of head lice

Nix Dermal Cream Rinse contains a scabicide medicine that will kill the lice. It is thought that Nix Dermal Cream Rinse destroys the lice by either hindering the development of the nits, or by affecting the nervous system of the adult lice.

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