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Buy Nix Dermal Cream Rinse + 2 Nit Removal Combs Online

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BRAND LISTING - Nix Dermal Cream Rinse + 2 Nit Removal Combs (Permethrin)
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Nix Dermal Cream Rinse plus 2 Nit Removal Combs (Permethrin)

Head lice may become a common problem in families with young children that attend school or day care. The close contact, sharing combs or brushes and headwear can usually bring head lice home to your household. Nix Dermal Cream Rinse plus 2 Nit Removal Combs can help you maintain a handle on this situation along with diligent laundering of bed sheets, blankets, and clothing. Head lice are harmless and are regarded as a cosmetic problem, rather than a medical one.

Nix Dermal Cream Rinse contains 1% Permethrin which is a common man-made chemical used widely as an insecticide. It is safe to apply Nix Dermal Cream Rinse to anyone over the age of two months old, being careful to follow directions.

Permethrin acts as a neurotoxin, affecting neuron membranes of head lice that basically cause nerve excitability resulting in their eventual death. Two nit (egg) removal combs come with this cream rinse that can be used on damp hair before they hatch. This can be done prior to treatment or after and a second application may be advised to be certain that all lice and their eggs are eliminated.

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