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BRAND LISTING - Nootropyl Injection (Piracetam)
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1g/5mL (12 ampules x 5mL)


An Effective Treatment for Cortical Myoclonus

Cortical Myoclonus is a disorder that involves involuntary muscle jerks, more so in the arms and legs. Depending on the severity of this condition, everyday tasks can be difficult at times to carry out, including applying make-up, shaving, drinking, feeding yourself, driving, and so on. The use of a Nootropyl Injection can be added to your treatment regimen to help with calming down the unintentional muscle movements to make your day easier.

How the Active Ingredient Works

Nootropyl Injection contains Piracetam and is believed to work by encouraging the release of a brain chemical called acetylcholine that improves communication between your nerves and muscles and increases your blood flow and oxygen to your brain. There are other conditions that some in the medical research field believe Piracetam can be useful for, but rigorous testing has not been fully completed as yet.

How is Myoclonus Diagnosed?

A complete physical exam is a good place to start, then a review of your medical history that may indicate what is causing your condition. The electrical activity of your brain may be recommended by undergoing an EEG (electroencephalography), an EMG (electromyography) to record electrical activity in the muscles involved in the jerks and twitches. And an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can help to rule out or identify tumors and any structural problems in your brain and spinal cord.

Should the underlying cause of your myoclonus remain a mystery, your doctor may prescribe a Nootropyl Injection to be administered at home as directed. A healthcare professional can demonstrate how to measure and draw up the drug and where the injection of Piracetam should be given. If your involuntary muscle jerks are interfering with self-administering the Nootropyl Injection, have a friend or family member help you.

Before Nootropyl Injection is Prescribed to You

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding, you may be warned against this treatment until you are not pregnant or nursing your baby. Discuss other medical conditions and allergies to your doctor and provide a list of all OTC and Rx drugs, including herbal remedies and vitamin supplements, to be certain it’s safe to proceed with Nootropyl Injection treatment.

Nootropyl Injection Precautions

It can take a few weeks before you notice any improvement in the muscle jerks intensity and frequency, so be patient and continue with the injections of Piracetam as directed by your doctor. Dispose of the injection materials safely by asking your pharmacist for a ‘sharps’ container that can be returned and traded for another empty one. All meds should be kept out of children’s reach and do not share any drugs with anyone else.

Possible Side Effects of Nootropyl Injection

  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep issues
  • Feeling anxious

Drugs Similar to Nootropyl Injection

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