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Novolin Pen 4 Device Description

Novolin Pen 4 Device is an over the counter delivery system for diabetics that require insulin injections. Great strides have been made for diabetics that lead a busy lifestyle who were required to keep their insulin or filled syringes refrigerated until it was time for an injection.

You’ll be able to load the Novolin Pen 4 Device with a Penfill 3ml insulin cartridge and carry NovoFine Plus 32G needles when you are ready for your injection. Novolin Pen 4 Device has exceeded the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO) for its durability and design.

About Novolin Pen 4 Device

The Novolin Pen 4 Device is discreet and can fit in your purse, brief case, glove compartment, lunch bag, or wherever you can store it safely so it’s out of children’s reach, out of the sun, and kept clean and dry. Always be certain that your other supplies do not run out, including spare syringes, lancets, needles, and a spare glucose monitor you can keep with you for times you feel your blood sugar is too high or low.

The Importance of Insulin and Glucose Levels

After you have eaten a meal and you’re sitting back relaxing, your food is digested and broken down. The sugar enters your bloodstream and your glucose level spikes. This is the signal to your pancreas that your body needs insulin to help the sugar in your blood enter your body’s cells where it’s stored for energy. This will lower your glucose level until the next meal. However, if your pancreas is unable to produce insulin, cannot make enough Insulin to be effective, or your body is not responding as it should to insulin, your blood sugar will rise and can cause an increased risk for other health conditions unless treated.

For some individuals that are aware of the risk factors for being diabetic, a change of lifestyle can help. Eating healthier, exercising, no more smoking, and limiting alcohol intake can be the difference between requiring medication or managing diabetes through better habits. There is no cure for diabetes, but using the Novolin Pen 4 Device can certainly make it easier to lead an active lifestyle and take care of your insulin needs. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase Novolin Pen 4 Device.

Before You Use Novolin Pen 4 Device

If you require 2 different diabetic drugs for injecting, make sure you have properly marked each Novolin Pen 4 Device according to drug name, or purchase a different colored devices; the Novolin Pen 4 Device is available in blue or grey. Before you administer the insulin with a Novolin Pen 4 Device, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or may become pregnant as you may be required to take glucose readings more often through your pregnancy as your blood sugar levels can become either too high or too low. Breast feeding is considered safe while on insulin, but dose adjustments may be required.

Important Information for Novolin Pen 4 Device

If you have never administered insulin with a Novolin Pen 4 Device before, read the instruction insert carefully and thoroughly or visit your healthcare provider for advice. The design of the NovoFine Plus 32G needles make it easier to administer injections without the need to pinch up your skin where you intend to inject in order to avoid hitting a muscle which will affect the absorption of insulin. Do not reuse needles as they can become dull and will not be sterile.

Possible Side Effects of Novolin Pen 4 Device

  • Bruising
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Backflow of Insulin

Delivery Systems Similar to Novolin Pen 4 Device

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