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BRAND LISTING - Oxy Vanishing Acne Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide)
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Oxy Vanishing Acne Treatment

Oxy Vanishing Acne Treatment contains Benzoyl Peroxide that can help individuals of almost all age groups, although its core demographic group is teenagers because they tend to experience acne problems more often. When applied as directed, Benzoyl Peroxide begins to work as a peeling agent to help speed up skin turnover. This will clear pores and decrease the bacterial count. It will also add oxygen to your skin which kills the P. acnes bacteria that causes your inflammation.

P. acnes are Propionibacterium, an inhabitant of our skin that feeds on the oil or sebum in our follicles. When puberty arrives, hormones can increase your skins’ oil production which then promotes a rise in P. acnes population. These bacteria release enzymes to digest the surplus of sebum and through the combination of digestive products and bacterial antigens, local inflammation occurs in the follicle.

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