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BRAND LISTING - Penlet Plus Adj Blood Sampler
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Penlet Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler

Penlet Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler is a less painful way to prick your skin in order to draw a blood sample for glucose testing. There are seven easy to dial depth settings that you can experiment with to see which one delivers the least painful stick and with the unique puncture mechanism the trigger system has reduced vibration. The compact design of Penlet Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to handle and also has a distinctive ejection feature that enables you to eject the used lancet using just your fingertip on the cocking lever to release it directly into a sharps container.

It is strongly advised for individuals with type 1 diabetes to check their blood sugar levels regularly to ensure they are receiving the proper insulin amounts. A consistent high reading can alert you to have your doctor adjust the dose to avoid hyperglycemia which can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels, and other organs in your body. If you are a type 2 diabetic, your doctor may suggest that you use Penlet Plus Adjustable Blood Sampler and keep a record of your readings while eating a proper diet and exercising so you can possibly avoid becoming an insulin-dependent type 1 diabetic.

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