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BRAND LISTING - Pepto Bismol Liquid (Bismuth Subsalicylate)
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Pepto Bismol Liquid

Sometimes we overindulge in food and can pay the price by experiencing symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, diarrhea, belching, gas and nausea. Thankfully, Pepto Bismol Liquid helps to relieve these symptoms and it is pleasant tasting and sugar-free.

Besides overeating, indigestion can occur when you eat too fast and when you eat spicy or greasy foods. Consuming too much caffeine, alcohol or carbonated beverages can also cause indigestion. Pepto Bismol Liquid can also be taken to alleviate regular diarrhea or traveler’s diarrhea.

The active ingredient in Pepto Bismol Liquid is Bismuth Subsalicylate, a salicylate drug. It is believed to decrease stomach and intestinal inflammation, reduce digestive tract excretions, and prevent certain viruses and bacteria from growing in the digestive tract.

You may notice that your tongue or stools may darken when taking Pepto Bismol. This side effect is normal, harmless and temporary, and is due to the Bismuth in the medicine combining with the sulfur in your gastrointestinal tract and saliva. This combination produces a black substance called Bismuth Sulfide.

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