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Pet-Tab for Dogs

Not everyone has the time or knowledge of which vitamins and minerals our body may be lacking due to our diet. The same goes for caring for our four-legged canine companions. We can read the ingredient labels…but do we really know which pet food will give our dogs everything their body requires to stay healthy? Pet-Tab for Dogs is available without a prescription and can help supplement your pet’s daily nutritional needs and the combination of minerals and vitamins are low in sodium, calories, and fat and come as a tasty meat flavored tablet that can be given whole as a treat or crumbled into their food.

As responsible pet owners, we want to make sure our furry friends are fed a well-balanced diet. Most commercially processed dog food contains a mix of vitamins and minerals, but with soaring costs of groceries sometimes we are burdened with feeding less expensive, store-brand diets that may contain a lot of “fillers” and not enough vitamins and minerals. Pet-Tab for Dogs are ideal for those pet parents that want to feed their dog a home-made diet but may be uncertain whether it contains sufficient amounts of everything to keep him healthy.

Pet-Tab for Dogs or generic Minerals/Vitamins contain Vitamin A-D-B1-B6-B12, calcium, and iron to name a few. These are important for a strong immune system, high energy, good vision, strong bones and teeth, and healthy hair and skin. Discuss your pet’s regular diet with your veterinarian or pet nutritionist to make sure you’re feeding healthy and safe meals. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

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