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PhosLo or generic Calcium Acetate is generally prescribed to treat problems relating to your kidneys. It is common for the kidneys to experience certain irregularities in phosphate levels. Ingredients contained in PhosLo are naturally occurring within healthy functioning kidneys; PhosLo allows you to regain natural, healthy kidney function again. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Your kidneys are in charge of processing certain foods that you eat so regulating your kidneys is extremely important to your overall health. When your kidneys experience irregularities, it can lead to a number of chronic kidney problems. High levels of phosphate in your kidneys can lead to kidney failure if you are not careful. In addition, fluid retention also becomes a problem. Affected kidneys could eventually lead to anemia, cardiovascular disease, decreased sexual desire, irreversible damage to the kidneys, and pregnancy complications. Your doctor may prescribe PhosLo in conjunction with other medications.

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