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A prescription is required for this item.
No generic alternative is available at this time.
BRAND LISTING - Prudoxin Cream (Doxepin)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
5% (1 x 45gm)
5% (2 x 45gm)
5% (3 x 45gm)


Prudoxin Cream, which contains Doxepin, may be prescribed as a short-term use prescription medicine for treating the symptoms of certain skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis. Lichen simplex chronicus (neurodermatitis) is a skin disorder that is characterized by a constant scratching causing your affected skin to become thick and leathery. It all starts with a rubbing or irritation that scratches your skin which causes you to itch, so you rub or scratch the area, and then you itch; perpetuating a scratch-itch cycle that can cause the affected areas to spread through the rest of your body.

The exact mechanism of action that Prudoxin Cream uses is unknown but it is thought to prevent the effects of histamine. This chemical is produced naturally in your body and when there is an injury, no matter how slight, your immune system kicks into defense mode and responds by sending out substances to heal damaged cells or tissue. Histamine is one of those substances, and it creates inflammation by opening blood vessels and causing tissues to ooze at the site where your white blood cells begin to heal any damage. Prudoxin Cream is applied to help block this action and reduce the inflammation.

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