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A prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - Questran Light (Cholestyramine Light)
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Orange Sugar Free (50 x 4gm packets)


Questran Light Description

There seems to be an increasing number of people having their cholesterol checked regularly, and that is great news! If your doctor tells you that you should lower your cholesterol, you can obtain a prescription for Questran Light and ask about speaking with a nutritionist that can help you plan how to eat healthier. This can help you reduce your risk of other health problems that can develop as a result of increased cholesterol levels, including atherosclerosis. Other ways to contribute to lowering your cholesterol while taking Questran Light are being more active, losing weight, and quitting tobacco.

Not all cholesterol is bad, but if your bad low-density lipoproteins (LDL), is high and your good high-density lipoproteins (HDL) is not high enough to cancel some of the bad LDL, then medications could be introduced to help prevent a waxy, thick plaque from building up in your blood vessel walls and restricting the blood flow to your heart.

Stop the Absorption of Excess Bile Acids

When mixed and taken as directed, Questran Light (Cholestyramine Light) will not be absorbed by your body, but will pass down through your intestines where it binds to excess bile acids to stop their absorption and is then excreted in your stool. With the loss of bile acids, your body will try to replace it by converting the cholesterol circulating in your blood into bile acid. The end result is less cholesterol and a better chance of avoiding other health risks.

Conditions Treated by Questran Light

Questran Light is also beneficial for those with liver disease or a blocked bile duct and are experiencing intense itching in parts of their body that may worsen in warm weather or at night. Gallstones are the main reason for the blockage of your bile ducts and this may happen abruptly or take years after your bile duct became inflamed.

If there is total blockage of the bile duct, bilirubin can back up and enter your bloodstream. Bilirubin is an orangey-yellowish pigment that is usually passed through your liver and excreted from your body. This is what causes the yellow jaundiced-look. The symptoms you experience are a result of the bile ducts being unable to deliver digestive juices to your intestines in order to absorb some of the fats and vitamins from the food you consume. The itching is believed to be due to the digestive juices (bile acids) accumulating in your skin as normal elimination is impaired.

Before Questran Light is Prescribed

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are breast feeding before taking Questran Light. Your doctor should be aware of other medical conditions or allergies you have and any OTC or Rx meds you currently take or use, including herbal products and vitamin or dietary supplements, to determine if Questran Light is the right medicine for your situation.

Questran Light Precautions and Proper Use

Do not miss any doctor or lab appointments while taking Questran Light as this is important to monitor your progress. Keep Questran Light, and other meds, out of children’s reach. Once mixed in water or other non-carbonated liquid, in a cup of soup, or mixed in applesauce, you must consume all of it for it to be effective. Do not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medications without talking to your doctor first.

Possible Side Effects of Questran Light

  • Bloating
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Constipation or diarrhea

Drugs Similar to Questran Light

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