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Buy R and C Shampoo/Conditioner (same as RID) Online

No prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - R and C Shampoo/Conditioner (same as RID) (Piperonyl Butoxide/Pyrethrins)
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R and C Shampoo/Conditioner

R and C Shampoo/Conditioner (same as RID) is an over-the-counter product to treat a lice infestation of the scalp or pubic area. Lice can live approximately 40-50 days in three stages of life and an adult louse can lay up to ten eggs per day. It is important that everyone in the same household be treated for lice as well as any sexual partners that may have been infected with pubic lice.

Once R & C Shampoo/ Conditioner is applied to your scalp or pubic hair, the Pyrethrins will affect the nervous system of the lice causing paralysis and eventual death. Piperonyl Butoxide is not designed to harm or kill insects on its own but it acts like a power-booster that helps to slow the Pyrethrins from breaking down which allows it to be effective longer.

After R and C Shampoo/Conditioner treatment, it is important to use the special comb to remove any dead lice or nits from your scalp or pubic area. You should follow instructions on other procedures for ridding your household, clothing, and other items of possible lice.

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