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Buy Rapamune (also known as Rapamycin) or Generic Sirolimus Online

A prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - Rapamune (also known as Rapamycin) (Sirolimus)
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Rapamune Description

Rapamune is an immunosuppressant medication usually prescribed to help minimize the risk of rejection when you receive an organ transplant. Most patients and donor organs are typed and matched as closely as possible to avoid rejection and are advised to take Rapamune or other anti-rejection meds as a precaution. This will help to stop your immune system from rejecting the transplanted organ. Other than being an identical twin receiving an organ from the other twin, there are no 100% matches between organs.

How Rapamune Works on Your Immune System

Organ rejection begins when your immune system has been alerted to a foreign substance that is not a match to your tissue and its job is to destroy this threat. Generic Sirolimus or brand name Rapamune works by lowering your body’s ability to battle infections or diseases. This suppression of your immune system allows the transplanted kidney to be accepted more readily as your own instead of as a foreign substance that should be attacked. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Conditions Treated by Rapamune

Kidneys have a very important job to do, but if one or both of your kidneys stop functioning, a transplant is required. These bean-shaped organs help clean your blood by removing excess fluids, salt, and waste products; some of which are then eliminated when you urinate. One healthy kidney can take the place of two failed kidneys so a family member could volunteer to donate one of their own kidneys. There is usually a reduced risk of rejection when the donor organ is from a family member.

Your white blood cells are u the front line of attack when injury or disease strikes. Your immune response isolates, attacks, and begins the healing process. A transplanted kidney would be considered an invasive enemy that must be destroyed in order to keep you healthy. By decreasing the ability of your body’s immune system to be on guard or fight, you have a lesser chance of rejection. Other concerns may arise because of this suppression so inform your doctor of any changes or possible infections that may occur during this time.

Before You Take Rapamune

Tell your doctor about other medical conditions and allergies you have so it can be determined if Rapamune is the right drug for your situation. Provide a complete list of OTC and Rx meds you are taking, and include any herbal, dietary, and vitamin supplements. Some medications could affect how Rapamune will work in your body or produce unwanted side effects.

Important to Note While Taking Rapamune

Rapamune does not stop your immune system from working, but suppresses it. This can put you at risk for other infections or cancers so you have to be more attentive about where you go and situations that can expose you to potential health threats, including busy shopping malls, restaurants, even the emergency room can be full of coughing, sneezing, and vomiting.

Possible Side Effects of Rapamune

  • Abdominal or stomach pains
  • Blurred vision
  • Cough

Call your doctor at once if you experience painful breathing, feeling faint, a fever or chills, or a rapid heartbeat.

Drugs Similar to Rapamune

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