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Buy Refresh Plus Lubricating Eye Drops Online

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BRAND LISTING - Refresh Plus Lubricating Eye Drops
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30 x 0.4mL packages

Refresh Plus Lubricating Eye Drops

Your eyes rely on tears to provide moisture and lubrication for maintaining vision and comfort. Tears are made of water, oils, mucus, antibodies and special proteins that provide your eyes a resistance to infection as well. Without proper tear production, your eyes can become dry causing pain, itching, light sensitivity, and blurred vision. Refresh Plus Lubricating Eye Drops can provide long lasting relief plus protection against mild to moderate dry eye.

Many individuals in the workplace are putting in eight hours or more staring at a computer screen which usually leads to less blinking. This is can result in dry eyes that become irritated and sore. Working in the outdoor elements, indoor heating or air conditioning, certain medications, and Lasik procedures can affect your eyes. Keeping Refresh Plus Lubricating Eye Drops handy for periodic use can alleviate the symptoms of itchy, dry eyes.

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