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BRAND LISTING - Revolution (Selamectin)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
Blue (for Cats 5-15lbs)
Brown (for Small Dogs 11-20lbs)
Mauve for Puppies/Kittens
Purple (for Extra Small Dogs 5-10lbs)
Red (for Medium Dogs 21-40lbs)
Teal (for Large Dogs 41-85lbs)


Revolution Description

As a responsible pet owner, you want them protected from the insects and parasites that can cause them to itch, scratch, shake their heads, and scoot around on their behind. Revolution is a topical anti-parasitic that works inside and out allowing your cat or dog to be flea, tick, mite, and worm-free so they can enjoy your company and not experience the effects of troublesome parasites. You can also take pleasure in your pet’s company knowing you are not going to be bitten by fleas or become host to parasitic worms, too.

The active ingredient in Revolution is Selamectin. The dosage of this varies according to the pet as Revolution for dogs has higher concentrations compared to the Selamectin in the cat’s formulation. It is also available according to weight so Revolution can also be applied to pups as young as 6 weeks, and kittens as young as 8 weeks.

How Revolutions Works Once it is Absorbed

Once applied as directed, Revolution is absorbed into their skin and then to their bloodstream. Then it is actually redistributed back to their skin from the bloodstream in order to kill the fleas, ticks, mites, and heartworm, and many intestinal worms in cats. Dogs benefit from the effects of Revolution as it protects against the mite responsible for Sarcoptic mange. The method in which Revolution kills, is by targeting the parasite’s nervous system. This causes neuromuscular paralysis which results in their death.

Conditions Treated by Revolution

Fleas need a blood meal before they mate and if there is no pet available, they will bite a human. These tiny jumping parasites can carry bacterial and viral diseases and transmit tapeworms. If they are not controlled and killed, your house can be home to them as well. Flea eggs can fall off and remain dormant in your carpet, furniture, or anywhere at all, unless they become exposed to sunlight or vibration. So if your pet is walking by, the egg can hatch and jump onto your pet and make itself at home with a blood meal. Depending on the skin sensitivity of you or the pet, scratching the itch from the flea saliva can cause broken skin and lesions that could allow bacteria to enter and cause an infection.

Before Revolution is Applied

Ask your veterinarian if Revolution is safe to apply on pregnant, breeding, or nursing pets. Discuss any medical conditions or allergies with your veterinarian that your pet may have. List all current OTC and Rx meds you give your pet, including herbal or vitamin supplements, so your vet can determine if Revolution is safe to apply.

Revolution Precautions

This is a topical anti-parasitic so do not squirt the product into your pet’s mouth! The best place to empty the contents of a tube of Revolution is on the base of the pet’s neck before the shoulders after separating the hair so it is better absorbed. Remember to remove any cloth or fabric collars as the ingredients of Revolution will ‘wick’ into it before it can be absorbed in the pet’s skin.

Do not rub it in and wait a few hours before you brush, pet, or hug your dog or cat. The dosages and concentration of Selamectin are different for dogs than cats so do not share between them without advice from your veterinarian regarding the weights of each pet. Giving too much may harm your pet and not enough is a waste of money.

Possible Side Effects of Revolution

  • Itching
  • Diarrhea
  • Hair loss at application site

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