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Rhinaris Saline Solution

Nasal congestion is something we are all familiar with, that blocked, stuffy nose feeling. It may begin when the lining in your nasal passages becomes inflamed and irritated. This causes mucus to build up and the tissue becomes swollen. The combination of extra mucus and swelling can result in a stuffy nose, runny nose, or even sinus pain that is annoying and can interfere with your breathing.

Equally as annoying as nasal congestion is nasal dryness. This can be brought on in low-humidity environments. Dry winter climates and indoor heating can cause nasal dryness, just as summer air conditioner may rob the air of humidity and mucus membranes become dry, crusty, and painful.

Use Rhinaris Saline Solution as needed to cleanse your nose, remove dry skin, crustiness and reduce congestion. It moisturizes and hydrates your nasal membrane so you experience less dryness and irritation and helps to prevent infections by improving nasal hygiene.

Active Ingredients: Seawater 60% (2% sodium chloride) without preservatives or chemical additives.

In-active Ingredients: Purified water.

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