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Buy Generic Rogaine Foam for Women Online

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Rogaine Foam for Women (Minoxidil)

Most people associate genetic baldness with men, but it can also occur in women. Hair loss in women is called alopecia androgenetica. It is a condition that occurs more frequently when you have relatives that are prone to hair loss. The amount of hair loss that occurs with alopecia androgenetica can differ from one individual to another. You should see your doctor before beginning treatment with Rogaine Foam for Women, as sometimes hair loss can be attributed to an autoimmune disease or thyroid gland issues.

No prescription is needed to buy Rogaine Foam for Women, an over-the-counter product that contains the active ingredient, Minoxidil. It is not fully understood how Minoxidil treats genetic hair loss. Minoxidil was originally prescribed as a medication to treat hypertension, when it was discovered that excessive hair growth was a side effect.

When applied to the scalp as directed, Rogaine Foam for Women or generic Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels in the area, which increases circulation. It is believed that Rogaine Foam for Women stimulates hair follicles that have shrunk, enabling the hair to grow back in time. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

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